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Escape with Us

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Sweet Escape Treats is not your average CBD company. Our goal in starting the company was to solve all the problems we had experienced with our shopping experiences of CBD products. We wanted to provide a personalized, convenient experience for our customers with a focus on reliability, product diversity, potency, and quality. We decided to switch things up and create traditional treats we already loved, but make them even better by infusing them with high-quality CBD.


As a minority- and woman-owned company based in New York City, we’ve forged close ties to our community and are committed to providing you incredible service and support throughout your Sweet Escape journey. Whether you’re trying to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, seperate yourself from the stress of work, or simply looking for a sweet treat, you came to the right place. We make treats you won’t want to put down. We know the importance of taking time to yourself, whether a quick getaway or hours spent alone doing what you love. It’s the reason we created our company, and why we strive to deliver only the best sweets that help you escape.

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What Our Escapers Say

"Just wanted to say thank y'all again! It's so nice to have a reliable, contactless, delicious way to Escape. The tincture should be handed to people instead of Ambien, it is better medicine!"

“They were amazing my wife and I stopped smoking ten years ago and what a way to come back this hit us out of no where we fell asleep!”

“Got my order this past Wednesday & thought you guys were on some light shit so I ate both & drank lemonade......I WAS WRONG! Y'all got a forever customer in me & a new one from a friend who stole a brownie..”