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Who We Are

We created Sweet Escape Treats in 2017 in an attempt to combat our own chronic ailments. Suffering from continuous back pain and regular insomnia for years, we were determined to find better relief. In our search we found CBD, which we discovered could quickly calm muscles and minds, allowing us to relax. 

After finding sweet relief in CBD we realized that the main way people consume CBD is through pills, creams, or tinctures. While all of those work just fine, they don’t taste amazing or satisfy that inner guilty pleasure. When we recognized this, we got to work. If CBD can help us find relief and sweets help satisfy life’s cravings, let’s bring them together to create something unique, delicious and effective.

From our Escape Brownies and wild juice mixes to our CBD honey and apple cider donuts, we have tried to create unique, one-of-a-kind options that make your mouth water. Our treats are purposely crafted with different levels of CBD to make sure everyone can find a treat that meets their needs. 

Our promise: to always create treats and drinks that you won’t want to put down.

What We Believe In


Sweets for every escaper

Sweet Escape Treats

Made for You

Our treats are delicious not just because of the ingredients but because of the intention behind them. These treats helped us get through the craziness of work and of life which is why we had to share them with the world, but we also know different people have different tastes.

Which is why our treats are made to order and come in a variety of different CBD levels. Some people like gummies, while others are obsessed with chocolate, just as some people need 10mg of CBD while others may need 300mg.

We make treats of every flavor and of every CBD dose to give you the choices needed to enjoy every second of your experience.

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