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Benefits of CBD Honey + Recipes | Sweet Escape Treats

February 9, 2022

2021 is a big year for cannabidiol (also known as CBD). Forbes predicted the CBD market to be a 20 billion dollar industry by 2024. With the Farm Bill passing, hemp (Cannabis Sativa) can be grown and distributed legally in the U.S. Many consumers can now add CBD to their holistic regimen and favorite everyday products, including the powerful natural remedy – honey. History of Honey Honey has a long history of tradition of treating numerous ailments dating back to more than 5,500 years ago. Many cultures, including Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks, and Babylonians, consumed honey intending to cure illnesses for a myriad of health issues, including: ●eye diseases ●bronchial asthma ●throat infections ●tuberculosis A 2013 research paper on the traditional and modern uses of honey examines how civilizations have used it for medicinal purposes in ways we still do now. Egyptians have documentation dating back to 2600 and 2200 B.C. that shows they used honey for its antibacterial properties to heal infected wounds, which isn’t far off from one of the ways we use it today. CBD Honey & Inflammation Honey has a long history of being used to treat cuts and injuries, and with good reason. Studies have shown that honey increases the healing rate of wounds when applied topically for several reasons. Honey has bactericidal properties, which allow wounds to heal without additional bacteria growing. The same study pointed out that using honey has a “hygroscopic effect on the wound”. Meaning that using honey as a topical creates a moist environment that can help when a wound is recovering. Not only that, but a 2017 research paper showed honey also has the ability to assist with inflammation, all of which can help aid in the healing process. Cannabidiol has separately shown promise to relieve symptoms of inflammation. Using CBD to target cannabinoid receptors can reduce inflammation and pain when applied transdermally and when taken orally. According to a 2020 survey, 64% of Americans that use CBD do so for pain. CBD is a potent tool in modulating the endocannabinoid system, further noting the anti-inflammatory properties. CBD Honey & Antioxidants Using CBD infused honey to fight inflammation isn’t the only way to receive the benefits of this potentially potent combination. One of the reasons that honey is used to combat inflammation is its antioxidant properties that promote the prevention of numerous disorders including, but not limited to: ●allergic ●thrombotic (formation of blood clots) ●diabetic ●cardiovascular ●cancer CBD is also an antioxidant that can relieve pain associated with cancer and central neuropathic pain associated with multiple sclerosis (M.S.). CBD’s immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory abilities can also reduce pain in autoimmune disease and collagen-induced arthritis. CBD also has neuroprotective properties, which can help immensely with neuropathic pain. Studies show that by using CBD and its antioxidant properties, it possesses the ability to lessen glutamate toxicity to help prevent chronic pain conditions, including migraines, fibromyalgia, and IBS. Though research for CBD and honey used together isn’t available, some studies support both cannabidiol and honey’s natural abilities apart from one another to help heal more holistically. CBD Infused Honey CBD infused honey is no longer an exclusive item found only at boutique wellness stores located in a brick-and-mortar. Sweet Escape Treats infuses premium cannabidiol extracts into every gratifying, high-quality product allowing the consumer to create a personal CBD regimen that’s easy and delicious!

Escape Honey is made with Light Amber Mountain Forest Honey and full spectrum Suver Haze cannabis extract. Benefits-of-Honey.com note that forest honey “contains a higher antioxidant, antibacterial activity level, mineral content and greater nutritional and therapeutic benefits than most regular flower honey.” As the CBD industry begins to expand, experimenting with traditional holistic remedies opens up a world of exploration for consumers. Adding CBD to honey lets the benefits of both natural products come together in a flavorful and beneficial way. As interest in cannabidiol grows, research needs to focus on interactions with other natural products that can allow consumers to make intentional and educated decisions about the products they use and how it can aid in their wellness journey.

Try these recipes to incorporate Escape CBD Honey into your daily life and Escape:

Raspberry Rain Tea

Banana Bread Overnight Oats