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What the GE Club is all about.

The Great Escapers Club is for our most passionate friends and fans. It is for those that love our treats and need to know when there will be more. By becoming a Great Escaper, you’ll get exclusive access to our newest flavors, limited released products and even delicious discounts.

But! The GE club isn’t for everyone. If your sweet tooth is as big as ours and you’re looking for access to our exclusive drops then the Great Escapers Club is for you.

    By being a part of the GE club, we’ll send you emails when new products are being baked, when drinks are being blended, and when discounts or even new merchandise are available. 

    How it Works

    Follow these simple steps to join:

    Try The Treats

    First, try one of our delicious treats!

    Leave Review

    After your sweet snack, leave us a review so we know you’re a fan!

    Send photo

    Then send us an email with a photo of those happy smiles and tell us you want to join the GE Club.

    You are In!

    Once you’ve done these quick steps, we’ll send you an email with information on how to access the Great Escaper exclusive products so you can find sweet relaxation before anyone else!

    Leave a Review!

    Leave a review to let us know about your favorite product to join the Great Escapers Club!

    Leave a Review!

    What Our Escapers Say

    "Just wanted to say thank y'all again! It's so nice to have a reliable, contactless, delicious way to Escape. The tincture should be handed to people instead of Ambien, it is better medicine!"

    “They were amazing my wife and I stopped smoking ten years ago and what a way to come back this hit us out of no where we fell asleep!”

    “Got my order this past Wednesday & thought you guys were on some light shit so I ate both & drank lemonade......I WAS WRONG! Y'all got a forever customer in me & a new one from a friend who stole a brownie..”